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Outbound Call Center Services

Our experienced teams are also proven outbound call center solutions providers. From the B2B and B2C spaces in a variety of industries, SalesGen delivers the highest level of outbound services using the latest technologies to create outstanding return on investment.

Call Center Outsourcing

At SalesGen, we were built on being an outsourced telemarketing call center. Businesses of all size have realized the value of the service we can provide with our professional, experienced call center staff and our commitment to the latest technology and industry best practices.
We offer:

  • Professionalism
  • Technological Capabilities
  • Experienced Staff

Our agents are among the best in the industry and are experienced in a wide range of industries, from healthcare and higher education to banking, retail and sales and support. Our staff members have the training to promptly and accurately handle the needs of your customers. With 24/7/365 availability and support, our clients are able to give the highest level of service to their customers. We can scale up or down to meet your demands and offer you all of the benefits of a truly outsourced solution, including cost savings and allowing you to focus on your business’ core competencies.

Outbound Solutions

SalesGen’s outbound marketing solutions deliver more by focusing on existing and prospective customers through direct contact engagement strategies. Discover how cost-effective your outbound solutions can be through outsourcing your outbound telemarketing with SalesGen and our teams of highly trained, professional outbound call center experts.

Lead Generation and Lead Qualification

We understand the value of delivering the highest quality Telephone Interviewed Lead Services in the industry. We can deliver this because of our ability to have our live call operators verify and qualify leads – not by using an autodialer, but actually experienced call operatives. We listen to and validate these calls so that you know and have transparency into our process.
We know how lead qualification is time intensive and costly for you’re business – let our pre-verification and qualification solutions go to work for you. With our pre-verified phone lead service; you can be sure you’re targeting interested, qualified prospects that are interested and eager to listen to what you have to say.
Our leads are verified through our onshore or offshore call centers, then either sent to our experienced senior team of call center representatives or warm transferred to you – in fact, many leads look forward to speaking to you.

  • Phone Verification and Pre-Screening
  • Warm Transfer after Qualification
  • Timely and Qualified
  • Experience Higher Sales Volumes
Outsource Telemarketing

SalesGen’s offshore call centers provide full service outsourcing offering customized and cost-effective telemarketing services based on our customers’ specific needs. Our customers use our offshore capabilities because we hire the best and most professional teams who enjoy what they do, reflecting in high customer service and cost savings and effective representation and sales and lead generation for you.

Our Outsourced Telemarketing Services

SalesGen’s outsource telemarketing call center services include:

  • Lead Generation
  • B2B Telemarketing
  • Event & Promotions Registration
  • Surveys
  • Appointment Setting
Lead Generation

Our Lead generation teams are focused on delivering highly qualified leads at a lower cost than any other call center. We use our proprietary dialing technology and top-notch management team to train our agents to engage customers in informed conversations and present them with relevant information that allow for easy decision-making. Using our data decision engine and our analytics processes, we find the perfect match between your business and your customers.
Why use SalesGen’s 24-7-365 Answering Solution?

Outsourced Telemarketing

Our outsourced call centers at SalesGen provide fully customized and cost-effective telemarketing services to meet the needs of your business. SalesGen’s offshore call centers deliver a range of specialist services related to telemarketing. Our offshore services include:

  • Lead Gen
  • Appointments
  • Database Updating
  • B2B Telemarketing
  • Registration for Events
  • Phone Surveys
Lead Generation

Our outbound lead generation (or Lead Gen) lead generation capabilities are designed to help your business target your potential audiences who are already qualified interest to have an in your particular product or service. We are experts at helping you generate leads at a low-cost with our experienced, and talented call center teams so you can focus on the most important task of conducting your business. Our outsourced call centers can set up the systems and processes in a matter of days so that we can start generating prospects without delay and setting up face-to-face meetings.

B2B Telemarketing

With SalesGen, you will find a call center team of experienced B2B telemarketing professionals that are dedicated to growing your business through proven B2B telemarketing best practices to reach more clients to generate sales and engagements. SalesGen’s B2B telemarketing services include event marketing and registration as well as driving visitation to company events such as company seminars or webinars.
When you choose SalesGen’s outsource telemarketing call center for B2B or any other telemarketing service, you are getting some of the most experienced, dedicated teams in the industry.


The cost of new customer acquisition is very high these days and that’s why it makes sense to make a low-cost investment in experts in delivering customer surveys. Surveys can be critical to good business precisely for the insight they deliver into your customers’ opinion of you. Using a customer-surveying consultant like SalesGen can help you identify and address any issues before you lose business.

Market Research Surveys

More and more companies are turning to outsourced firm like SalesGen to conduct marketing research surveying services to better understand their customer base. This information is obviously crucial to making the kind of decisions that can lead to offering a higher level of products and services to drive more sales.
Our market research agents here at SalesGen are industry leaders in professionalism, responsiveness, technical expertise and analysis and reporting.

Customer Satisfaction Surveys

More companies are using customer satisfaction surveys to increase customer loyalty and boost long-term revenues. Having as firm like SalesGen that can expertly deliver these services are crucial for any company seriously committed to holding on to their customers. SalesGen’s customer satisfaction survey specialists can help you measure:

  • Overall Customer Satisfaction
  • Product Happiness
  • Timeliness
  • Customer Service

Our experienced agents are given individual training on each survey they administer. Our professionals provide your customers with professional and individual attention and subs and the consultant delivers the results directly to you.