Services Inbound

Inbound Call Center Services

Our SalesGen teams have decades of collective experience delivering powerful inbound call center solutions, We use leading-edge technology and processes to offer the inbound experience you need to realize results. From our United-States based call centers, we serve the B2C, B2B marketplaces in just about every industry.

We have the capabilities to handle millions of inbound calls each year with each and every one treated professionally the way that your organization expects. Our call center professionals all have extensive inbound experience in a wide range of industries and receive frequent training to remain at the top of their skillset. With SalesGen, you’ll constantly have our “A” Team working on your behalf to deliver results.

Call Center Solutions: Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

SalesGen has been using Interactive Voice Response technologies since their inception and have the experience and technological prowess to deliver on it like few other providers can. We employ a range of IVR solutions that support our live inbound call center solutions including front end messaging or call routing.

Live Web Chat and Email Response

Engaging with your customers through email or live chat right on your web site, in real-time, is a proven method to increase conversion rates. Our SalesGen teams have extensive experience using these technologies to reach more people. In addition to our customer engagement strategies we can deliver the technologies to you that allows for:

  • Easily install a chat interface on your site to help increase on page engagement rate
  • Fully customizable design (chat window, agent photos, help or contact buttons)

Talk to us today to let us show you how we use our capabilities in email and live chat to go further for you than other providers.

Multi-lingual Capabilities

SalesGen has specialized teams to, handling interactions in English, Spanish as well as the ability to quickly meet your other linguistic customer service needs. We have worked with companies and organizations needing multilingual support for many years and will do so with the same level of commitment and quality as all of our other call center services.

Fulfillment Services

SalesGen has worked with industry-leading fulfillment services to deliver efficient, effective and reliable fulfillment services for many years. From B2B to B2C, we have relationships across the spectrum to help you find the fulfillment solution that directly meets your needs.

Inbound Answering Services

SalesGen has the capabilities you need to quickly and professionally handle inbound telephone traffic. We have the technological capabilities, experience and commitment to quality you need to get up and running and have a seamless inbound answering solution including:

  • 24-7 capabilities and solutions
  • Professional and courteous staff
A 24-7-365 Solution

Whether it’s domestic or international, a holiday or any other time, we understand the value of answering the call when your customers demand it. Our staff will professionally handle calls at 2am on a Sunday just as they would at 2pm on a Tuesday, your customers will receive the very highest level of service regardless of the time or day of the week. So, when you need truly professional and capable 24-7-365 answering solutions, SalesGen is there for you. Why use SalesGen’s 24-7-365 Answering Solution?

  • Committed to reliable service – we know what it takes to properly staff and scale for off-hour/holiday/weekend needs and will always be ready to handle your needs.
  • Lower costs – SalesGen can deliver better 24-7-365 service for a lower cost and at a higher return on investment than any other provider

When you need reliable, cost effective 24-hour, 365 days a year answering solutions, SalesGen is built to handle your needs.

Outsourced Customer Service

Managing the staffing aspects of customer service support is a large burden for companies. That’s why more and more companies are turning to outsourced customer support. SalesGen offers a range of outsourced customer support using our well-trained professional staff to deliver truly cost-effective, efficient and professional customer service teams that can be scaled to met your needs quickly and effectively.

Seamless Support

When outsourcing your customer support services, you need your customers to have a seamless experience, having the confidence to feel that they are talking to experts on your product and service. At SalesGen our experienced and talented support professionals are rigorously trained on your product and service to offer seamless support and deliver first-rate customer experiences. Our Outsourced Customer Service Solutions No matter what your outsourced customer support needs, SalesGen has the capabilities to deliver for you with solutions that include:

  • Inbound or outbound support
  • Customer support and care
  • Tech/IT support
  • 24-7-365 support
  • Order fulfillment
  • 3rd party verification
  • Direct response order-taking
  • Reservations or appointments
  • Inbound answering solutions
  • Processing of applications
  • Surveys
  • Live-chat / email
  • Customizable toll free numbers and greetings

These solutions are available to you and your customers 24-7-365. We utilize the latest technology that can integrate with your existing databases or systems to seamlessly handle your customer support when you need it.

Reliable, Professional Outsourced Customer Service

SalesGen offers outsourced customer service and call center solutions for a range of customers, including higher education, retail, direct response, financial institutions, and consumer packaged goods and many others. We are committed to the highest levels of customer service for inbound or outbound solutions, live chat or email, technical support and much more. Our customers choose us because of our commitment to quality, professionalism, advanced technology, 24-7-365 capabilities and commitment to customer service quality and excellence.

Best-in-Class Customer Care

At SalesGen, we understand the care, effort, time and money you have invested in your brand and your business. Our well-trained and professional staff is committed at every step of the way to treat your customers with the utmost care and respect and work hard to meet their needs. Our teams are among the highest trained in the industry and our clients consistently realize the benefits of their experience and dedication to delivering more and going above and beyond to represent our customers.

Technical Support and Help Desk Solutions

SalesGen has the experienced staff and technology in place to be your help desk/technical support provider. We pride ourselves on staffing our teams with knowledgeable and committed help desk and IT professionals who can work to quickly, efficiently and professionally resolve your customer requests. Our team will help you realize greater desk/technical cost savings and deliver impressive first call resolution rates – with the quality and dedication you expect from an industry leader.

Inbound Telemarketing Solutions

Our call center professionals at SalesGen understand the need to be aligned with your business to offer truly effective inbound telemarketing services. We have the training, planning and processes in place – along with our experienced teams to make your inbound campaigns a success each and every time. We do it through a combination of technology, scaling to meet your needs and the ability to adapt to changing market conditions. Our inbound services include:

  • Acquisition of customers
  • Customer Care
  • Direct Response
  • Up sales and Cross sales
  • Inbound answering services
  • Best in class reporting

We are committed to maximizing lead generation in inbound marketing through a range of solutions including customizable call scripting, scheduling and evaluation of success rates for maximum return on investment.

Outbound Services

SalesGen’s outbound marketing solutions deliver more by focusing on existing and prospective customers through direct contact engagement strategies. Discover how cost-effective your outbound solutions can be through outsourcing your outbound telemarketing with SalesGen and our teams of highly trained, professional outbound call center experts. Our outbound telemarketing services include:

  • Lead Generation
  • Lead qualifying
  • Appointments
  • Cold Calls
  • Survey administration

If you need inbound or outbound call center services, look no further than the experienced, proven professionals at SalesGen. We are committed to understanding your needs and delivering each and every time with the highest level of professionalism and customer service.

Order Taking and Fulfillment

More companies choose to outsource their order entry services SalesGen because of the high degree of professionalism and quality that our staff possesses. We treat each interaction with the importance it deserves and our outsourced order takers are among the best in the business in delivering best-in-class customer experiences. When you choose to outsource with SalesGen you’ll discover our order takers have the training they need to quickly and completely meet customer’s needs.

Technical Support:

We cost-effectively deliver outsourced technical support with our own proprietary Philippines technical support outsourcing center. Our teams are the highest quality and are personally managed by SalesGen professionals and are renowned in the industry for their abilities, reliability and high level of technical knowledge and customer care. Let us show you how our outsourced Tech Support can deliver outstanding customer support for consumers or businesses with the highest level of cost effectiveness.

Highly Trained Technical Support

We understand that your customers in need of technical support really only want one thing – a resolution to their problem, quickly and efficiently. That’s why our outsourced teams are rigorously trained and have the highest level of technical knowledge in the industry.

Communication Skills

Our technical support teams are all fluent English speakers and understand the intricacies of language and the importance of clear communication, patience and ability to relate to customers frustrations and provide clear answers, instructions and support.

Live Chat Support

SalesGen offers cost-effective Live Chat Support services to customers around the globe. Our comprehensive live chat support provides personalized customer service a wide range of technical support and helps customers resolve their technical issues right in their browser in real-time.

Business Processes Outsourcing


In today’s business environment, there are few things more important than face-to-face meetings for landing new business. SalesGen’s appointment and reservation specialists help free you and your staff from this time consuming task of scheduling so you can better focus on other objectives. Regardless of whether your business schedules appointments, meetings, tasks, jobs, clients or service calls, SalesGen will get effectively schedule appointments, reservations and help you save costs on this crucial aspect to your business.

Quality Services

By partnering with SalesGen for appointments and reservation, and our staff of professionals our customers have consistently increased face-to-face meetings – helping to deliver accounts, sales and new opportunities. Scheduler Training

  • Script creation
  • International and domestic
  • Reporting Services
  • Follow-up calls
Billing and Payment Support:

At SalesGen, we know the importance you place on answering each call but not having the staff or the time to accomplish it. With SalesGen you can have a partner in place who understands the constraints you face can help you keep in touch with your customers any time, day or night, whenever the incoming call is placed. We answer each call with professionalism, courtesy and a commitment to the highest levels of customer service. Our small business solutions include: 24/7/365 live call answering

  • Order & payments
  • Billing services
  • Call transfer
  • Qualifying leads and lead generation
  • Appointments & reservations.

Our experienced teams are dedicated to answering each call, text, email, chat or whatever channel is involved professionally, promptly and cost-effectively for you.

Call Center BPO Brokers

At SalesGen, we are built around our customer’s needs – we will work with you to create the customized contact strategy you need for success. We measure ours success only through the success of our customers. We can provide the strategic guidance for an entire campaign or support your existing strategy. At the end of the day, we will deliver more results, more leads, more customers at a higher quality and a lower cost per acquisition than any other provider. Our outsourced services are designed to:

  • Deliver integrated call center solutions in a range of specialties including retail, banking, multilingual, onshore and offshore, inbound and outbound campaigns, lead generation and much more.
  • Experienced professionals proven to deliver outbound sales or inbound customer care.
  • Order fulfillment, lead generation & acquisition
Total Contact Management and Business Support

At SalesGen we offer some of the industry’s most comprehensive collection of customer care solutions. We have dedicated professionals working 24/7/365 for our customers to deliver the highest level of customer care and call center services. Our Total Contact Services are designed around your needs. We have the strategic vision, experienced professionals and capabilities to lower your operating costs, improve customer experiences and drive the greatest return on investment for the lowest cost. Our Services:

  • Improve customer service
  • Deliver scalable and customized solutions
  • Reduce your costs while driving ROI
  • Deliver robust reporting

Whatever your call center needs, SalesGen is built to respond powerfully to deliver more for you, let us show you how.

Interactive Voice Response:

SalesGen has extensive experience with Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems supporting our inbound call center service to support our live-operator inbound call center services. Our in-house IVR services feature industry leading technology aligned with our live callers to reduce costs, repetitive calling, etc. Our IVR services are mainly offered for front-end messages or call routing options. (for example., press 1 for customer service, press 2 for sales, etc.).

Live Chat/ Web Chat/ Email:

Engaging with your customers right on your web site, in real-time, is a proven method to increase conversion rates. SalesGen gives you the ability to put a chat interface right on your web site for customers to engage a sales agent without ever having to leave the site.

  • Easily install a chat interface on your site to help increase on page engagement rate
  • Allows for live conversations with visitors on your website.
  • Converts visitors into loyal customers before they move on to the next site.
  • Fully customizable design (chat window, agent photos, help or contact buttons)
Instant Customer Service

Our talented customer service team has the training and experience to use chat/messenger/email to help your customers with technical issues, customer service requests or other issues in real time and with the highest degree of professionalism. We handle a range of services include:

  • Billing
  • Product support
  • Status updates
  • Customer service requests
Real-time site navigators – Convert website visitors into customers

Many website visitors are more likely to convert to a customer if they can receive the real time support that lets them feel they have the found the product or service they are looking for. Our SalesGen customer support center team helps to work as a helpline while customers are on your site to answer questions, provide support deliver the outstanding customer experience that leads to sales.

Cross-platform support services:Customers are online in record numbers, on mobile, tablets and whatever comes next. At SalesGen, we invest in training and technology to deliver to support your customers wherever they are, with the best solutions and response times no matter the platform.

24/7/365 Afterhours & Overflow:

At SalesGen, we specialize in meeting the needs of clients and their customers. Whether you find yourself shorthanded or overwhelmed, our 24/7/265 call center solutions can meet your needs and let you focus on building your business. By outsourcing your after-hours of overflow call center solutions, you can trust you’re working with a company with the highest levels of training, professionalism and experienced operators working form both our onshore and offshore call centers to handle your overflow or after hours call volumes. Whether you’re a large organization that gets thousands of calls or a start-up company that has 100, with SalesGen’s multiple telephone call center locations and hosts of talented live operators, you can be sure your phone calls will always be answered. 24/7/365 after hours or overflow services:

  • Peak-hour overflow services
  • Event and promotional campaign support.
  • 24/7/365 availability to your customers.
Text Messaging Marketing

SalesGen understands the potential of text message marketing and has the technological capability to meet your needs. Through tactics like “short codes” and like “keywords” we help create databases for highly targeted text campaigns that are smart but also unobtrusive.

Benefits of Outsourcing

By outsourcing your call center operations, SalesGen can help you realize how we can help improve customer care, lower costs and boost your bottom line. In our experience, we have seen companies realize a huge number of benefits, including:

  • Lower costs
  • Reduce management of an in-house call center
  • Focus on your core competencies as a business.
  • Less reliance upon in-house resources
  • Quickly ramp-up and ramp-down to meet demand
  • Reduce staffing headaches
  • Gain greater cost-certainties for planning
  • Faster setup of services & personnel
  • Reduce internal investment in infrastructure
Upselling and Cross Selling

SalesGen’s experienced and well trained call center teams understand the importance of up selling and cross selling. They understand their ability to maximize the potential of every phone call. Studies have show that upselling and cross-selling can create up to an additional 40% additional gross sale per telephone call. Cross-selling and up-selling boost your sales and increase customer loyalty. Up-selling is the practice of offering customers a product in addition to the product they are currently purchasing. Cross-selling refers to selling items that are related or can be integrated with the item being sold. Both techniques can increase sales volume and provide a valuable service to your customers.